Getting Pediatric Orthopedic Care for Children

If your child broke his arm when he fell off his bike or messed up his ankle when the monkey bars didn’t go his way, it’s important to get things set up right for his future. Children’s bones and systems are different than adults and they will need help from a pediatric orthopedic. Here are a few reasons why that is important for your child’s health: 

Reason 1: Pediatric Orthopedics Specialize in Children

If you go to a specific pediatric orthopedic specialist, you are getting someone who is trained in treating children and their conditions. They are good with kids and they will make your child feel comfortable. They understand orthopedic issues and how they can affect life as children grow and mature. They don’t look at your child as fully grown and treat them as such, as they would an adult.

Reason 2: Pediatric Orthopedics Understand Bone Growth

Kids might seem like small adults, but their bones are still growing and that can pose a challenge in the orthopedic world when they break something. A specialist who works with children often will know how an injury and the treatment they choose can affect your child’s body as it grows, and once it is done growing. They will treat injuries, but also educate the child and parent about keeping the bones healthy as they grow so there aren’t high risks for reinjury later.

Reason 3: Pediatric Orthopedics Work With Other Specialists

Orthopedics can sometimes deal with other parts of the body and pediatric specialists will work closely with other fields and specialists to give the child the long-term impact they need. It’s not about healing just one injury, but rather about guiding the child’s life in the proper direction for the utmost health.

Reason 4: Pediatric Orthopedics Have Kid-Friendly Care

Children are often anxious about visiting a doctor of any kind, but under pediatric care, they get things like kid-sized chairs, toys, bright colors, and other things that speak to their level. The braces, waiting rooms, casts, and even the way the doctor speaks is all directed to them. It helps to ease their tension and allows them to enjoy the experience. What kid doesn’t want to pick out a colorful cast, complete with glitter, if they so choose?

Finding Pediatric Orthopedics

If your child has broken a bone, or you suspect they need help from an orthopedic specialist for some reason or another, it’s important to go to one that works in pediatrics on a regular basis. Children, while they are basically mini-adults, are still growing and their bones aren’t fully developed yet. They need to be treated as such and the doctor needs to cater to their emotions as well. If you need help fast, contact Sports & Spine Orthopaedics for your child. You can ensure that they are on the right path for their future, whether they want to play sports someday or just live a healthy life with bones that will carry them for the duration of their experiences.

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