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Shoulder problems are common, as they can affect anyone and everyone. When you experience shoulder pain, your progress and routine can be interrupted, ultimately setting you back or keeping you from reaching your goals. It can prevent you from completing daily tasks, like brushing your hair or driving a car, as well as from participating in individual workouts or classes, sports, and other activities. Don’t let your shoulder condition put a pause on your playing. Seek out treatment and recover from your pain. Visit an experienced shoulder doctor today to get back on your A-game.

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Conditions Treated by Our Shoulder Doctor

Rotator cuff issues, tendon tears, sprains, fractures; these are just some of the common shoulder injuries. Shoulder conditions are very common in athletes, however anyone can develop one. If you are enduring aches and pains relating to your shoulder, it is important to receive the proper diagnosis and treatment from a medical professional. Our shoulder doctor uses the best in advanced technology as well as surgical expertise to alleviate discomfort and treat shoulder conditions. Whether you’re experiencing shoulder arthritis or a more mild condition, it is our goal to get you back to the things you love. Below is a list of other injuries we treat.

AC joint sprain/dislocation

Biceps tendon tear


Clavicle fracture

Impingement syndrome

Labral tear/SLAP tear

Pectoralis muscle/tendon tear

Rotator cuff tear

Rotator cuff tendonitits

Shoulder (proximal humerus) fracture

Shoulder arthritis

Shoulder dislocation

Shoulder instability

Shoulder Surgeries & Treatments We Offer

Undergoing a surgery or type of treatment is a serious decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The functionality of your shoulder is of extreme importance, which is why your shoulder condition should be treated by a shoulder doctor you can trust and has your best intentions in mind. For personalized treatment, care, and a successful rehabilitation process, go with the South Bay’s most reputable specialists. With both nonoperative and operative treatments that are feasible, you’ll be on your journey to recovery in no time. Our doctors will get you back to the things you’re used to and bring you joy.

Non Operative Shoulder Treatments

Our doctors seek to treat all injuries non-operatively as a first-line treatment. This helps promote faster recovery to bring you back to an active lifestyle.

Operative Shoulder Treatments

When surgery is needed, we achieve excellent results through less invasive procedures, advanced surgical technique, and comprehensive rehab.

Biologic injections

AC joint reconstruction


Biceps tenodesis

Cortisone injections

Fracture fixation


Shoulder arthroscopy

Physical therapy

Superior capsular reconstruction


Total shoulder replacement

Why Choose Sports & Spine

A notoriously troublesome joint, shoulders require superior care from doctors that are extremely educated, experienced, and understanding. At Sports & Spine, we've treated innumerable patients' shoulder injuries and conditions, ranging in severity from mild to long-lasting and chronic. Our medical professionals recognize how frustrating shoulder pain may be, and it can certainly interrupt your daily tasks and quality of life. While common, every injury and each patient is unique, and Sports & Spine creates treatment plans that are specific to your situation. We're skilled in diagnosis and treatment, and always apply non-invasive options first in order to make your recovery as fast as possible. When surgery is necessary, our shoulder orthopedists utilize cutting-edge, advanced surgical techniques that achieve notably excellent results. Whether non-operative or surgical is the best route for you, your aftercare will include comprehensive rehabilitation. The goal of our doctors is to heal your injury or condition for good, so you can always do the things you love. The shoulder doctors of Sports & Spine have received training at some of the top orthopedic institutions across the world. You can rest assured that you'll be receiving the best treatment possible from doctors who truly care, from diagnosis to completion of your treatment.

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Shoulder Doctors You Can Trust

Our Sports & Spine shoulder doctors are highly-skilled and certified in performing orthopedic surgeries. They attended top institutions around the world, but ultimately decided to bring their talents, best performance, and expert knowledge to the South Bay. Our doctors use the most innovative treatments and resources when treating patients who suffer from shoulder issues. Every patient is entitled to a quick and successful recovery and the doctors do their very best to ensure this happens. You can count on compassionate, high-quality care, and comfort when seeking treatment for your shoulder condition at Sports & Spine.

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