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How You Can Help Prevent Knee ACL Knee Injuries

Over 200,000 people sustain anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries every year, and ACL reconstructions are some of the most common procedures implemented in the United States. More young individuals than ever are afflicted with such injuries, and young athletes who suffer from.....Read More

Understanding and Preventing Common Knee Injuries

The knee is an integral joint in terms of movement, but this joint absorbs much impact while it supports the weight of the body. Depending on the type of activities that you engage in, the level of impact absorbed by your knee may vary. The knee joint connects the kneecap (the.....Read More

Common Causes of Shoulder Pain

Understand shoulder pain and how to treat common injuries including shoulder tendinitis, frozen shoulders, and rotator cuff tears. Frozen shoulder You have immediate pain with any movement of your shoulder. Limited range of motion and stiffness as your range of motion.....Read More

Understanding Kobe Bryant’s Shoulder Injury

Los Angeles Laker Kobe Bryant is a young man in the world of everyday people. At 36 the NBA star is at the start of his life. However, in basketball terms, he’s over the hill and experiencing injuries at an alarming pace. Although basketball doesn’t tend to generate the amount.....Read More

Relieving Knee Pain With Orthopedic Surgery

Knee injuries are serious, but can be treated in a variety of ways. The common ways that a knee problem can cause pain are: Meniscus Injuries Tendon Injuries Ligament Injuries We only use surgery as a last resort, and will always try non invasive methods including physical.....Read More

Proper Treatment for Wrist Fractures & Sprains

Of all the joints in the human body, the wrist is by far the most intricate. This joint comprises an assortment of ligaments and bones. There are 10 bones in the wrist, and the ligaments serve to connect these bones, as well as to provide support for them. Young Athletes and Wrist.....Read More

Non-Surgical Treatments for Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are a common medical problem, and they usually affect the joints and back. The ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, and wrists are all at risk for repetitive stress injuries or the trauma of an immediate impact. It isn’t just athletes who are taking advantage of.....Read More

Common Problems of the Hand and Wrist

The hand and wrist are a complex series of bones, tendons, and ligaments that allow you the dexterity to do anything from writing on paper to turning a screwdriver. This system is not without its problems, and since it has so many moving parts, it can often breakdown in ways that.....Read More

Shoulder Injuries: Rotator Cuff Tears

Rotator cuff injuries are unfortunately very prevalent for people with active lifestyles. Common problems related to rotator cuff injuries are partial rotator cuff tears, tendinosis, calcific tendonitis, and full thickness tears. Shoulder injuries can be caused by general.....Read More

Knee Pain from Osteoarthritis

Knee pain connected to an autoimmune disease is uncomfortable and can seriously restrict your daily activities. Your knee is the largest joint in your body and bears most of your standing body weight. The knee is a tough and sometimes problematic joint. When you're feeling knee.....Read More

Knee Replacement Success Statistics

Having a knee replacement operation is a big decision, and one that we will work to avoid if possible. Knee replacement was the 14th most common procedure in the last period, and over 4.5 million americans are currently living with one or more brand new knees. Luckily the success.....Read More

Why You Need to Protect Your Knees

Keep your life in motion with healthy knees. Job related osteoarthritis costs up to 13.2 billion dollars per year in lost productivity and worker downtime. Knee injuries and chronic conditions have many treatment options, from physical therapy, medication, and minimally invasive.....Read More

5 Most Common Bone Fractures for Kids

Here are the 5 most common bones kids have. The include the humerus, ulna, radius, tibia and fibula. Arms and lower legs are the most frequently injured parts of childrens' bodies. The most common causes of bone fractures in young people is: monkey bars, trampolines, scooters,.....Read More

How To Treat and Care for Common Knee Problems

Knee problems affect millions of Americans every year, advances in surgical techniques are decreasing the continuation of knee afflictions. Athletes with torn ligaments in the past were usually advised to end their careers. With the advancement of ACL, MCL, and arthroscopic.....Read More

Treatment and Surgery Options for Joint Injuries

Brad inured his knee playing baseball on the senior Torrance league when he collapsed in pain and had to be carted of the field. When he tried to stand, he felt pain and instability of his knee joint. He decided to ice it overnight and see an orthopedic surgeon in the morning if it.....Read More

Sports and Spine Featured in Our Southbay Magazine

Meet the surgeons and staff at Sports and Spine Orthopaedics in Torrance and El Segundo. Hospital Affiliations Torrance Memorial Medical Center Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center Up-to-date non-surgical and surgical orthopaedic care, physical therapy, digital X-ray,.....Read More