This infographic breaks down the diets of the 9 largest health markets and shows how people get their calories in 4 main food groups: fat, sugar, carbohydrates, and protein.

Nearly all people consume more calories than necessary, as well as an overuse of too much sugar and fat.

The World Health Organization recommended daily food energy intake is 2250 kcal.

These are the actual daily caloric intakes of the top 9 countries:

  • India 2321 kcal
  • Japan 2812 kcal
  • China 3036 kcal
  • Spain 3272 kcal
  • UK 3458 kcal
  • France 3532 kcal
  • Germany 3547 kcal
  • Italy 3646 kcal
  • USA 3749 kcal

All the largest countries surveyed consume more than is necessary, with the average US person 50% over the WHO guidelines.

Measuring what we eat and in what portions lets us understand how our food affects our health. Understanding where our calories come from will let us make better decisions about our health and create positive changes that have long term benefits.

If we make small daily changes to eat less sugar and fat and more protein, this will translate to huge gains in health and quality of life over a lifetime.