Visiting With An Orthopedist

There are a lot of different doctors with a lot of different specialties. How can you be sure which one you need to see for what? Orthopedists specialize in injuries, diseases, and other issues that pertain to the musculoskeletal system. They can prevent, treat, diagnose and rehabilitate conditions that arise in those areas. While they are within hospitals, there are also those in specialized practices who can help with infections, sports injuries, joint problems, broken bonds, tumors, degenerative conditions, and more. Do you need to need to see an orthopedist? Here are some people that may need just that type of specialist.

You Broke A Bone

When you break a bone, really any bone in your body, you want it to heal correctly. Your best shot at that is to see an orthopedist. They will x-ray your bone, or look at the x-rays that may have been done at the emergency room prior to your visit there. They will help to set the bone in the proper position before they place a cast on that area of your body. Once the cast comes off, they will re-x-ray the region and prescribe physical therapy, if necessary. You will get from the orthopedist any instructions you need to care for the area until it is fully healed.

Knee, Hip, And Shoulder Pain

As you age, you may notice that one or more of these areas is giving you more trouble than it did in the past. If you have a hard time using that part of your body for daily functions, like going upstairs or carrying groceries into the house, or if the pain becomes intense even when you are resting, you might need an orthopedist. They will examine what’s going on, decipher the root cause, and then figure out the best treatment for you. It’s possible that you need a joint replacement, but therapy and medications might also be options.

Joint Injuries That Limit Range Of Motion

If you injured a joint like your wrist or your ankle, and nothing was broken, but you aren’t able to get your full range of motion from that joint any longer, you might need an orthopedist to help you get back to where you used to be. You don’t want to be limited in how you move and when you can no longer do things you used to do, it’s a detriment to your life. Visiting with a specialist can help you get everything back on track as quickly as possible.

Schedule A Consultation With An Orthopedist

If you aren’t sure whether or not you need a specialist, it never hurts to find out. Contact the professionals at Sports & Spine Orthopaedics and tell them about the issue you are having. They want to return you to a healthy, active lifestyle through quality care and they will tell you what they think you need to do, whether that involved their care or another avenue to help you get the results you need.

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