This infographic show how calcium is the a key to strong bones and lifelong bone health. Get healthier bones and joints by eating more foods that are high in vitamins and minerals.

Tips for preventing bone loss

  • Exercise is essential to build and maintain strong healthy bones
  • Minimize calcium draining substances such as animal protein, salt, caffeine, alcohol and soft drinks

Absorption is a key to calcium intake, and young children absorb approximately 60% of the available calcium in the food they eat. Adults over the age of 21 only absorb about 20% of their calcium intake and this decreases as we age.

Women with PMS have been found to show reduced symptoms from taking calcium supplements.

At least 10 million US adults suffer from osteoporosis, a disorder characterized by porous and fragile bones.

Infographic showing how calcium is the key to strong bones and lifelong bone health

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