This is an interview Southbay Magazine with the doctors of our practice outlining our growing practice and commitment to the health of our community.

“Simple problems usually can be fixed with simple solutions.”

What is most rewarding about your work?

As we are all active individuals, we all understand the need to get back to the activities we love—whether it be sports, chasing our kids or getting back to work. The greatest reward for us is returning our patients to those same activities at their pre-injury level with 100% satisfaction.

To what do you attribute your practice’s growth?

The growth of our practice stems from the quality of care that we provide our patients. We believe that educating our patients about their medical condition allows for a better understanding of the medical condition that we are treating.

We combine the most up-to-date orthopaedic research and technology toward both non-operative and operative treatment of our patients. We have put together an amazing team of physical therapists who enable our patients to return back to activity levels equal to before their injuries.

With the addition of our two new physicians, Dr. Wolf and Dr. Estess, we can continue to provide patients specialty care for all types of injuries and disorders. We have a new medical facility in El Segundo, and a brand new remodeled facility in Torrance CA.

Practice Specialty

Sports and Spine Orthopaedics is a multi-specialty orthopaedic group that aims to provide the highest quality of care to all patients by addressing each patient’s particular needs.

Our doctors have trained at the top orthopaedic programs throughout the country and have a combined comprehensive experience in diagnosing and treating various general orthopaedic conditions and complex fractures.

All of our physicians have completed an extra year of training in a fellowship program that focuses on their preferred subspecialty and particular interest in orthopaedics. Our practice has invested in the latest advanced technology for optimal patient care such as digital X-ray, electronic medical records, on-site physical therapy, diagnostic ultrasound and a PRP and stem cell centrifuge machine.


Early diagnosis and treatment of orthopaedic injuries and disorders typically results in easier recovery and better outcomes.

We believe that prompt treatment of any medical condition by a highly recommended specialist will generally result in a better outcome for the patient.

Waiting “too long” can often result in more damage to whichever body part is injured. The more complicated the problem, the more difficult it may be for your doctor to fix. Remember: Simple problems usually can be fixed with simple solutions.

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