How much water does it take to make your food? In the interest of having a sound body and mind, what we use to fuel ourselves has a direct impact on our overall health and wellbeing.

Understanding the quality of food we eat and where it comes from has a direct health impact.

The more knowledge about how our basic sustenance is produced the better informed we can be to make heathy choices that will improve our overall wellness and potentially lead to fewer injuries.

The average American’s diet uses 1,870 gallons of water daily to grow the food we eat.

One slice of pizza requires 207 liters of water
One apple 82 liters of water
One slice of bread 160 liters of water
One chocolate bar 855 liters of water
One serving of beef needs 3853 liters of water

Feeding us would empty the largest lake in the world, Lake Superior, in 14.6 years.

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