This is a graphical representation of the groups of people who are utilize healthcare at different points of their lives and how this has historically changed.

There are general perspectives on healthcare and these are closely defined by your age. These are broken into the 4 demographics groups

  1. Seniors 1900-1945 primarily content and compliant, sick and savvy
  2. Boomers 1946-1964 out and about, content and compliant
  3. Generation X 1965-1981 online and onboard, casual and cautious
  4. Millennials 1982-1994 casual and cautious, shop and save

Depending on which of these groups you are in affects how you choose doctors, how you store medical information, and decide where to receive care.

By knowing your potential bias towards receiving and managing your care you are better able to make an informed decision that will affect the outcomes of your surgical or pain management treatments.

Healthcare Demographic Infographic

consumer healthcare demographics

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