Michael G. Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Peter Borden = The best. Straight forward, tells it like it is. A perfectly executed surgery to repair a shoulder labrum SLAP tear (major tear cleaned up and held together with 3 FiberWire stitches to affix the cartilage to the bone). After a week with my shoulder mostly immobilized Dr. Borden instructed me to start doing the prescribed stretches every 20 minutes while awake. Crazy!!! But that’s exactly what I did. Bottom line = just do what Dr. Borden tells you to do and you’ll be happy. It won’t be easy. It will hurt. You’ll get tired of going to PT. The daily exercises you do on your own will be annoying. JUST DO IT! I’m so happy to be back playing beach volleyball and working out at the gym with no pain! Thanks Dr. Borden!!!