Linda J. Costa Mesa, CA

I had issues with a growth on the top of my foot just below my big toe. This has been bothering me for some time and was getting worse. I decided to seek out a orthopedic doctor to give me insight of what was going on. I use Zoc Doc to find really good doctors. I highly recommend this app. They had several listed but Dr. Borden was highly praised so I made an appointment with his office near me. 1st Appointment went in did not wait long to take X-rays and Dr. Borden came in shortly afterwards. Very pleasant and let me know it was a bone spur and gave me options to think about. We made another appointment for the next week to go over my options and I needed to get a cordezorne shot in my hand as well. I decided to get surgery on my foot and from there his office made it so easy to give me all the details they needed for me to get done prior to surgery. I live in Costa Mesa and Dr. Borden performs his surgeries in Torrance. A little over an hour from me. I needed to be there by 5am which was great since traffic is at a minimum then. Went in I had all paperwork filled out waited about 10 min and Kristin took me back to prepare me. Loved her very friendly and left no stone unturned. Then the Anesthesia doctor came in with Dr. Borden. Went over everything and bam the drugs took effect and the next thing I remember was waking up from the surgery! Dr. Borden talk to me again set up our follow up appt for the next week and off I went with my husband home. So far I have followed all the rules and have not had had pain. What can I this has been pretty remarkable experience! 5 STARS!