C. R. Los Angeles, CA

I began physical therapy at this office and have had a great experience. The office is easy to find. You can park in the structure, which they will validate for 30 min, and after an hour of being there, I had to pay $4.50, or you can park across the street in the shopping center, but that’s supposed to be for customers of that shopping center, fyi. I found this office to be clean, welcoming, quiet, and calming. I have felt relaxed here from day one. The front desk staff greeted me promptly, were friendly, straight to the point, and were very nice and accommodating in making an appointment for me. I feel right at home in this location and look forward to going. My therapist, Stanley Fung, is amiable, adroit, has a great attitude, and his treatments act as an anodyne for my lumbar spine pain and numbness in my legs. He performs treatments on me that I have not previously had and I can definitely feel the positive effects. He stretches my back in a way that I can’t do on my own, and they use this cool laser that warms up my back–I really like it. Christina, another employee, is very friendly and has been aiding my therapist. Another therapist, John Finn, who is not my therapist, but present when I am there, shares entertaining stories. I didn’t think physical therapy could be this fun, effective, and entertaining. I find myself talking to other patients receiving therapy and I really like the social aspect, and that we’re all in one room. It’s a very comfortable environment. The therapists here are competent and have doctorate degrees. Additionally, the exercises that my therapist has me do is making me stronger and I now see why physical therapy is so effective. I’m very happy with this office and would definitely recommend it to others.