Platelet Rich Plasma is a concentration of platelet cells derived from blood. Platelets are specialized cells that carry certain growth factors that can initiate healing. When injected into injured tissue, PRP can enhance the healing process and reduce recovery time.

PRP contains bioactive proteins involved in the development of new blood vessels that enable faster healing of muscle, tendon, bone, and ligaments.

PRP injections can be applied to the treatment of various injuries in an attempt to avoid the need for surgery when other non-surgical options have failed. It may also be used in conjunction with a surgical procedure to enhance healing and overall recovery time.

Most injuries will respond to one PRP injection, however, depending on the severity and chronicity of the injury, multiple injections can be performed. PRP injections can be performed by your doctor in the office or operating room.

A blood sample is obtained from the patient and then placed in a special centrifuge machine that spins the blood at high speeds which separates and concentrates the platelet solution and cells. This solution is then injected under sterile conditions into the injured body part.

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